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If you are in need of legal assistance, it is very important to find the right attorney to represent you.
The NLG Lawyer Referral Service is a project of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, an organization dedicated to using law for social justice. All of our attorneys have chosen to be part of this service to provide quality legal representation to Massachusetts residents, especially those with low and moderate incomes.

The LRS was founded in the 80s and has been functioning for over 30 years. The LRS currently has 36 active members practicing in most areas of law, around the state. On average the Lawyer Referral Service provides 25-30 referrals a week and in 2016 provided over 1500 referrals total. The most common issues the LRS provides referrals for are family law and landlord-tenant cases.  The LRS provides a great service for Massachusetts because it is frequently the last resort for people seeking legal help. Often it is the only place to provide that help. If you have any questions about the LRS please contact nlgmass-lrs@igc.org.

When you contact us, we will refer you to an NLG attorney who specializes in the area of law you request.

  • Referrals are FREE of charge.
  • All of our attorneys provide a free initial phone consultation.
  • Our attorneys DO NOT provide free legal services (i.e. pro bono).
  • Our attorneys are in private practices.
  • Our attorneys speak several different languages.
  • Our attorneys practice in all areas of law.

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If you are unable to fill out the attorney request form, please call our office at (617) 227-7008, Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. Please be aware that our call volume is high.  While we try to answer all calls and voicemails as soon as possible, we advise all clients to utilize the online request form below for a speedy reply.

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