NLG Annual Meeting

NLG Annual Meeting

In March, the Chapter held its Annual Meeting. This meeting is the only time when NLG members in Massachusetts can get together, reconnect with old friends, meet and connect with new members, get updates on the political and legal work the Chapter’s various committees do, plan the future, and vote on the new Board of Directors and Officers.

Last year in January, we changed our by-laws and limited the number of people who could be elected to the Board to 16. (Executive Director is an additional, unelected member of the Board.) Because of that change, this year, as last year, we had contested elections. We would like to thank all who ran and showed their desire to serve the NLG. Our gratitude goes to Jonathan Messinger for his six years of uncompromised commitment to the NLG and the Board, for his unmatched devotion to and amazing work for the Dinner and Litigation Committees, and for his overall high spirits and energy. Thank you for being there when needed!

Please join us in welcoming the new members of the NLG Board: Ricardo Arroyo, Caroline Darman, Lee Goldstein, and Eden Williams. Caroline, Lee, and Eden have already shown their dedication to the NLG by working with the Court Watch Program and Litigation Committee respectively. We are excited to have you on the Board!

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Annual Meeting participants (Photos by Julia Mason Wedgle)