The View Beyond the Wall

The View Beyond the Wall

This month’s issue of Mass Dissent is dedicated to immigration issues and – faced with the prospect of The Wall and other oppressive measures – the timing could not be better.

Although embattled, the White House continues to press its populist, isolationist, racist and anti-Muslim agenda on the American people through litigation at the federal circuit level and continued ICE raids. In the article “Tackling Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban,” we tell the story of how long-time NLG member and AILA-NE chair Susan Church took on Trump’s first travel ban – and won. It also describes the second Muslim ban and its procedural posture.

On a related note, Maddie Thomson gives us a report on the uncertain future undocumented people face and how, since Trump took office, ICE has been zealously going after undocumented immigrants.

Massachusetts’ goal to become a sanctuary city is also described in this issue. The thrust of this article is that we all can take action and protect undocumented people. Thanks to AILA-NE, we provide also you with “pointers” on whom to contact and how to advocate for the Safe Communities Act. (If the Act passes, it will make it easier for undocumented immigrants to report violent crime without fear of reprisal from ICE.)

Sanctuary cities are a relatively new development on the urban scene but, for millennia, churches have provided their own form of sanctuary from the Powers-that-Be. In “Sanctuary in Places of Worship,” Georgia-based Attorney Leslie Spornberger Jones explains the legal risks that need to be considered by religious institutions and communities when they plan to play Good Samaritan to undocumented people. There is plenty of room within the law to lend a helping hand but, as the included summary of federal laws shows, it is wise to tread cautiously when taking this opportunity.

The NLG continues to work to protect and improve the civil rights and liberties of undocumented people against attacks upon them from any quarter. If you are not a member of the National Lawyers Guild-Massachusetts Chapter, we urge you to join us now. Go to:

No more walls!

  • Elaine Whitfield Sharp